WATCH: Willie Mitchell gets back on the ice…

By Paul Armbruster • •

LA Kings sorely missed defenseman Willie Mitchell may be getting closer to a return to NHL action. Mitchell, who has not played a game yet this year, has been out with a bad knee. While cleared medically to play, Mitchell has been reluctant to give a timetable for his return. He skated with the team when the season began, giving hope he would be back sooner rather than later but then stopped skating abruptly about a week ago.

However, this morning at the Kings training center in El Segundo, Mitchell was back at it. He spent about 20 minutes skating and taking slapshots. Most of the time he was taking it easy but there were bursts of brisk skating during the session. No other Kings where in attendance.

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  • 40YearKingsFan

    Thanks Paul. Good to see Willie skating. I think having him back (when he’s at 100%) will make a huge difference, but if he’s waiting in order to mitigate the risk of reinjury, then I support that. We need him healthy for a 35-40 game grind and hopefully the playoffs. A reinjury, or Willie not at 100% is not going to help. As it is, when he comes back I would think it’s going to take several games for him to really begin to get his legs under him. He’s a veteran and at this point in his career he knows a lot about coming back from injury. I’m just going to have to put my trust in Willie.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m not so sure he’s necessarily worried about re-injury more so than just nagging swelling which could hamper any kind of consistent participation on the team. That would explain the medical clearance side of things I think.

    • +1…i agree…

  • Wonder how much cartilage he has left in that knee?

    • Paul Armbruster

      Kind of makes me wonder if he’s thinking of hanging them up.

      • MickSorley

        Let’s hope not! Besides age, are there any other factors that lend weight to that possibility?

        • Paul Armbruster

          Knee problems to this extent at his age certainly lends some weight IMO. Again though, just speculation.

    • B…

      i think he should come see you…(!)

  • Is he traveling with the team?

    • Paul Armbruster

      All signs point to no. I believe the team had already left for Ohio when he took to the ice.