WATCH: Wayne Simmonds public enemy #1 in Buffalo

By Paul Armbruster • •

Former King and fan favorite Wayne Simmonds isn’t liked much in Buffalo these days. After knocking Sabres center Tyler Ennis out of the game on a questionable hit last Sunday, he followed it up by pummeling defenseman Mike Weber who came to Ennis’ defense.

After the game, Saber captain Jason Pominville said, “They thought they made the right call on it. It was a push. It wasn’t a hit. That’s what the guy next to the hit told me. It’s tough. You lose one of your top centers, one of your most creative players offensively, out of a hit we feel wasn’t right.” (Quote from The Buffalo News)

Ennis, who required stitches to close the wound caused by Wayne, said he thought the hit was dirty and that he wishes Simmonds was given a suspension and/or fined.

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Watch Wayne demolish 2 Sabers players

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