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Kings Tie Season High With 4 Goals But Uncharacteristically Give Up Season High 7 Goals To Cross Town Rival Ducks In Blowout. Quick Pulled For Bernier Who Gives Up 4 In Relief
Photo: Paul Armbruster

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By Greg Beachham • Associated Press •

Los Angeles won five of the six meetings last season. The Freeway Faceoff series features only four meetings in this lockout-shortened season, but the first was a beauty filled with big hits, chippy play, aggressive offense and power-play proficiency from both teams.

Thousands of jersey-wearing Los Angeles fans made the short trip down the I-5 freeway, filling the arena with Kings chants from the opening faceoff. But Bonino filled the Kings’ net with goals, scoring 2 1/2 minutes in and doing it again a few minutes later when he somehow looped a backward shot underneath Quick’s pads and stick while falling face-first on the ice facing the wrong way.

Captain Dustin Brown scored two power-play goals for the Kings, who struggled in their first game at Honda Center as the defending Stanley Cup champions. Jarret Stoll and Justin Williams also scored, but the Kings never led while dropping to 2-3-2.

Although the Kings’ next game isn’t until Tuesday in Columbus, Sutter swiftly pulled his Conn Smythe Trophy-winning goalie for the first time all season. Bernier, the former first-round pick who apparently made a trade request in the offseason, had watched Los Angeles’ first six games from the bench.

Although Los Angeles’ power play has been the NHL’s worst, Brown easily scored the Kings’ third man-advantage goal of the season later in the period. Stoll evened it 34 seconds later.

NOTES: With two power-play goals, Brown caught and passed NHL scoring king Wayne Gretzky for seventh place in Kings history. Brown has 63 man-advantage goals in 602 games. Gretzky had 62 in 539 games with Los Angeles. … The Kings hadn’t scored a road power-play goal this season, going 0 for 18.

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“I think we should use this game as a wake up call. We got our asses kicked. We’ve got to use that as motivation now to be better.”

 “I don’t think we come into any game thinking we’re going to have a 7-4 outcome, one way or another. It’s not really how we play the game. But like I said, we weren’t hard enough in the key areas of the ice.”

 “I think we gave up three power play goals tonight. That’s been a staple of our game and probably an indication of mistakes we were making. Giving up that many power play goals for this team is uncharacteristic. I think how play on our PK generally correlates pretty well for how we play five on five.”

 “48-game schedule, every game is key, I guess. We’ve got to keep pace. We’re going into some tough buildings to play against. It starts with Columbus, and they’re playing pretty good hockey. We know what to expect from Jack. There’s been a big shake up in Columbus with the Nash deal over the summer or whatever happened. They’ll have a different look to their team, so, like I said, we’ve got to focus on that game.”


“We’ve let ourselves down and shot ourselves in the foot by poor defensive play. Right at the start of the game – for whatever reason we’ve been having tough times starting games – we’ve been getting behind early and trying to battle back. Once we do get back, we seem to just relax a little bit. We’re a much better team than we’re showing, and it’s extremely disappointing at this point to see where we are.”

 “I think we came back multiple times, and in turn, we didn’t kill a penalty. They came back, scored power play goals on us, and that’s extremely deflating. It’s upsetting that we’re where we’re at right now, and we have to push forward. We have a big road trip coming up, and as everyone is saying, every point is important. We have to a little bit more of a job and be more desperate to get them.”



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  • KingsFanFTW

    This is getting on my nervs…

    We cant score more than 1 goal and they are crappy at pps.But when they score 4 goals and 2 of them are on a pps..They allow 6 goals plus PK allows them a perfect 3 out of 3…

    This team has no stop on surprises.

    I dont get this team at all.

    • KingsFanFTW

      i mean they*

    • Robyn

      No one gets this team. Not even the team gets themselves

    • Paul Armbruster

      I think they thought they could keep the ducks contained Defensively. Clearly they were wrong big time.

  • Robyn

    Loved Nolan’s scrap against Allen. Bernier showed major rust but what can you expect? Let’s just hope our SC Champs can rebound after having their asses handed to them.

    • KingsFanFTW

      hopefully they can bounce back and win games

    • Paul Armbruster

      Not to mention the defense in front of him. I think it’s pretty clear now that this team really misses Greene and Mitchell.

      • Robyn

        Any word on Greener’s status? I know there’s no word about Mitchell’s (he’ll play when he’s ready) but I don’t think I’ve heard anything about our A recently.

        • Paul Armbruster

          I did hear he’s on track with his recovery but still not expected to be even close until next month at the very earliest. I personally don’t expect him before April. The reality is these types of injuries are very hard to predict.

  • i’m really not surprised by this team…this was what i expected would happen…one of the things the kings have to play through is how every team is gunning for them and taking the team more seriously than ever before…
    that’s what happens when you become successful – everybody wants their shot against you….

    • Paul Armbruster

      Especially with essentially the entire team returning. Makes for a nice feather in the cap when you win.

    • Michael J.

      What happened to V?

      • Paul Armbruster

        V for Vanished

      • hehe…just wanted to change things up…

        i’ll still be variable on LAKI, but here, it will be my real name…:)

  • MickSorley

    Thoughts on Stoll’s hit on Fowler? I haven’t seen the closeup video that is apparently available somewhere on the net so kinda hard for me to say.

    • Paul Armbruster

      It looks pretty nasty to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stoll got into a little trouble for it. However, Stoll isn’t that kind of player so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • pretty dangerous hit…
      i wouldn’t be surprise if stoll is writing a $2500 check to the league sooner than later…

  • MickSorley

    No action coming from the league.

  • MickSorley

    Oops, wrong reply link. This was in reference to the Stoll hit on Fowler.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Got it.

  • neil

    After Nashville the Kings didnt seem ready for the speed of the Ducks….would be interesting to go back and look at the teams after they play Nashville…Sharks lost and only scored one goal against Nashville…we will see how they do next game ….

  • Michael J.

    What happened to Fraser? Was he traded midway through the first period?

    Also, the guy who disappointed me Saturday night was Bernier. He had a chance to step it up, especially after they tied it up a 2-2. His early season play over the last three years is keeping other teams from wanting him on their roster.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Fraser only had 1:52 of ice time and an amazing -3. Either he landed in the doghouse big time or he’s injured/sick. In practice on Sunday marked the first time since he took over at 4th line center that he was demoted to the 5th ‘scratch line.’ Richardson took his spot. We’ll see tomorrow if that change holds up.

  • trytodethroneus

    After the goal by getzlaf, when he was being mesmerized by perry’s pass, the 4th line was a -3.

    As far as Bernier goes, he last played in an NHL game about 11 months ago.
    Back then he had a team that was locked in, with Mitchell and Greene in front of him,
    not Drewiske and Muzzin.

    • Paul Armbruster

      For sure. Expecting a backup to perform well in that situation seems a bit much. It’s a shame but I’m afraid unrealistic to expect him to be up to speed instantly. He has to get some starts to find any type of groove IMO.

    • jb needs about 2-4 starts a month…i would like quick to get a lil’ more rest than usual this abbreviated season…and have him warmed up…not running on empty…come playoff time…however, we better start winning some games during this road trip…or jim mora imitations will be aplenty around here…so, that probably means quick will play workhorse down the stretch, once again…

      and on the subject of jb, just my two-cents worth…:

      he will be a king for this whole season, at least until this summer…and that’s the right thing to do…so, unless the kings make a lateral move or simultaneously trade for a veteran/backup, jb is safe this year…however, come this summer, that’s probably when he;s gonna have his sunnier days…but it won’t be in l.a…

      perhaps, if the wheels completely fall off this year, i could see dl jettisoning jb to the highest buyer…i cannot remember a goalie in kings history that had as much hype as jb has had before he really does anything at the NHL-level…i know he’s anxious and patient at the same time…meaning, he probably is a bundle of nerves inside, but you would never know it…these guys seem to be masters of illusion…(!)

      just for kicks and discussion, remember the pregame exercise that jamie storr did before every game…?…it was like the karate kid meets grasshopper…i think potvin had a few weird ones, like taping a cross on his locker before every game…i also think he had one where he would avoid stepping on one of the lines on the ice during a game…

      some goalies go to extremes, like glen hall, the bulimic goalie…who had to vomit before every game…goaltenders are a strange breed, indeed…i’m not a big fan of the hockeybuzz website…(oy, that eklund!!!)…but i found this article and, if true, it’s not that bad…:


      do any of you have any pregame rituals before watching the kings…?

      • Paul Armbruster

        I do but I can’t print it here. It involves rope, a pistol and duct tape and I believe it’s mostly safe. I think. 😉

        Particular pregame meals are a big one for a lot of players.

        So hard to say what will happen with JB. It seems no one ever predicts these things accurately but what you said makes sense to me if I was to guess.

  • we are not good right now…

    we have to play better…and i think during the next stretch of away games, this team will start to hit their stride and play much better hockey…

    the road has its lure and folklore…we all know how teams have an opportunity to bond and/or come together on lengthy road trips…if last year’s remarkable playoff run…well…isn’t so remarkable for this team to pull off – that’s amore, as they say – that’s good…

    if the kings plan on using the 1-3-1 again on the pp, i would like to see them shoot the puck from the lower part of either circle, rather than at the point…and i would also like to see a defenseman cover the blueline, while the other one rotates after a shot…this way, you have the center and slots filled and adequate protection in case of a break the other way…that’s why the 1-3-1 is high-risk/high-reward…and so far, the kings haven’t looked comfortable at all using it…

    • Paul Armbruster

      Seems as though the PP is back on track. It’s the PK that’s in serious trouble and I just don’t see the team getting back on track without at least Mitchell back. I’m afraid DD2 and The Muzz are just not going to get it done any time soon. And time is a luxury the Kings do not have.