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McSorley's Stick

McSorley’s Stick is run by the mysterious and cantankerous Quisp. Known for his keen insight and prolific analysis, Quisp has cemented himself as the blogger who can convincingly breakdown any issue even if he’s dead wrong. He first got his start as a commenter on Rich Hammond’s blog before starting his own. He later became the main contributer on Jewels from the Crown before starting this current blog.

  1. No Lucic? Brown de-captained? What this tells me… - June 22, 2016
    Big splash coming. Steven Stamkos?
  2. Bruce Boudreau should never speak - January 11, 2016
    Boudreau: There’s a ‘dark cloud’ over Getzlaf this season “It just seems that this year, there’s that dark cloud,” Bruce Boudreau said in the wake of Sunday’s loss to Detroit, per the L.A. Times. “When he makes a mistake, no matter how well he’s played during the course of the game, it seems to cost us.”…
  3. Memory Lane: the Kings in January, 2011-2016 - January 10, 2016
    Here are the last five year’s of January Los Angeles Kings line-ups. 2016 January 9 vs. St. Louis (players new this season — or since the previous January — are in gold.) Milan Lucic – Anze Kopitar – Tyler Toffoli Tanner Pearson – Jeff Carter – Marian Gaborik Dwight King – Trevor Lewis – Dustin…

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