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Meg Jarrell, AKA The Queen, has been blogging since 2008 and is also an avid social networker on twitter and facebook. Her passion for all things Kings is palpable and her dedication to helping and interacting with Kings fans is unequaled.

  1. Kings Court Ends Its Reign - January 18, 2013
    When I started Kings Court, the idea was never to become a “professional” hockey blogger. Too many people already fill that space more expertly than I ever could. My only goal was to bring the Kings fan experience to readers and give Kings fans a place to connect with each other. Over the past two seasons, I’m proud that I accomplished what I set out to do. In the process, I am grateful to h [...]
  2. Stanley Cup Final - Game 6: Sweet Emotion - June 14, 2012
    Describing the feeling of watching the team you love win the Stanley Cup is a difficult thing. Part of the problem is thinking you know what it will feel like, then being thrust into the moment and realizing nothing could have prepared you for the reality. It's a sudden rush of blood to the head, a brain freeze and a study of shock and awe all rolled into one. You don't just feel one fee [...]
  3. Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5: Cuts Both Ways - June 11, 2012
    Being a walking bundle of contradictions goes hand in hand with being a Kings fan. You believe in your team but acknowledge that history is NOT your friend where success is involved. You want them to win but almost expect them to lose. You worship your goal tender -- except when tries to stick handle. You want goals but get goal posts instead. And if you're like me, you want this

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