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A new blog, but a familiar voice. Long time contributor and guest author at other sites, Player X combines strong analysis and visual presentation using a handy infographic he calls the Player X Ray. Game breakdowns, systems discussions, plus some very funny articles and pictures round out an interesting new take on a Kings fansite.
  1. L.A. Kings — Pacific Division: 3rd Or Better - February 5, 2017
    Daryl Evans made a fantastic point yesterday, in the broadcast before the Flyers game, when he mentioned the Kings should be looking up in the standings at 3rd, and not down at the Wild Card competition. Focusing on the work … Continue reading →
  2. Sutter’s Kings: All Method, No Madness - August 22, 2016
    Rollin’ Numbahs The intent here is to present evidence, not opinion.  My challenge to you, the reader, is this: accept a few simple documented, verifiable facts about how Darryl Sutter works his bench. Sounds easy, sure. But, when we’re done, you’re … Continue reading →
  3. Dustin Brown – Gypsy - June 10, 2016
    A Discussion of Dustin Brown’s Ice Time Usage In 5-on-5 Play The Darryl Sutter method for building lines is well known. He starts with a “tandem” of a Center and a Winger, then he mixes in other wingers to complete … Continue reading →

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