Tempers, Whiners and Wailers: Who’s the West’s biggest baby?

Doughty seen here in El Segundo in 2010 - Photo: bridgetds

Doughty seen here in El Segundo in 2010 – Photo: bridgetds

By Paul Armbruster • KingsNewsDaily.com •

There was a fun piece today from PuckDaddy pointing out the hypocrisy of Drew Doughty saying the Coyotes are particularly whiney when they play the Kings. Doughty though must be given credit for saying the same truth PuckDaddy did. All teams whine. But Drew was insistent that the “Cryotes” are so whiney that they remind Drew of the Canucks. But even Doughty himself, as PD so aptly reminded everyone in this video, can show signs of grade school behavior…

The question still remains, do certain teams do it more? Do you agree with Drew that the Coyotes are in need of a larger supply of tissues than the rest? How about the Ducks for that matter? Or the Sharks? I’d have to say the Kings, overall, seem to be a very low-maintenance team in comparison. And by low-maintenance I mean classy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dustin Brown behave anywhere near how Doan did last night. That kind of behavior bordered on thuggery. Not even the Canucks are that childish.

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  • Robyn

    Love this poll! Question too hard! Never seen the Coyotes have such a frickin’ melt down before. Hmm.. Red Wings come to mind… Ducks aren’t really quite as whiny, they’re just irritating… Canucks bitch and moan about everything and dive to draw penalties… Sharks just cheat and lie about it (or mostly Ryan Clowe does)

    It’s a draw for me! Kings are classiest team in NHL hands down!

  • KingsFanFTW

    Coyotes that why its easy to put a Cryotes in it 😛

  • Mik3ysfv

    This question is causing me to melt down trying to pare it down between VAN. and PHO. Kessler/Burrows vs Doan/Vermette/Hanzal/Tippet. Although I think Tippet does it to maintain his “us against the world” mentality and his voice in the locker room, Alain Vignuelt has class. Yeah, I’m going to go with Phoenix as the biggest babies.

    • Jody

      I have to agree…. I used to love Tippet. and even wanted the Kings to fire Murrary the day Dallas fired him…. but since the playoffs he just keeps sinking lower and lower.. and the other 3 you mentioned you would think they win the lady bing every year.

  • GooberLA

    Pretty much a given Doughty whines enough fir the whole team. Give him full credit though, it’s the whole league, not just the west.