Where’s Stanley?

Welcome to the LA Kings Stanley Cup Tracker! With the resources below, you should be able to find out where the Stanley Cup has been, where it is now and where it’s headed next!

Visit These Websites!

KingsFanDaily’s Cup Tour Map

Click above to see an updated google map tracking the Stanley Cup.

LAKings.com Stanley Cup Tour Page

Click above to see the latest updates on the LAKings.com Cup page.

NHL.com Summer with Stanley Page

Click above to see the latest blog entries from NHL.com’s Summer with Stanley page.

Hockey Hall of Fame Stanley Cup Journal

Click above to see the latest HHOF journal entry. Entries are made every Tuesday and Thursday.

General Cup Info!

Road Rules For The Stanley Cup

22 Things You Might Not Know About the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup: A History of Abuse and Neglect

Follow on Twitter

Probably the best way to keep up with the Cup is to follow it on Twitter. Below are 3 Twitter feeds for you to check out. You will likely see duplicate tweets.

  1. The “Keeper of the Cup” Phil Pritchard’s twitter feed. Good for photos and to confirm official locations.
  2. All tweets that include the hashtag #StanleyCup. Very informative as a catchall for anyone using that hashtag.
  3. “Where’s the Cup?” twitter feed has some great info, including articles and future Cup appearance dates.

Keeper of the Cup Tweets

Hashtag #StanleyCup Tweets

Where’s the Cup? Tweets

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  • Is Africa the only country that thing has never been too? 😉

  • Albert

    I would like to know where the Stanley Cup is going to be next… today is 10/23/12.. I didn’t know it was at San Miguel Casino this past Monday… and I missed it.. can somebody help me and let me know if its still in So. Cal.. I read that it’s at Dland today… where is it going to be in the coming days