Rich Hammond ‘chastises’ media, fans for talking about Kings record-setting run…

By Rich Hammond |

Unfortunately, this will sound like chastising — and, even worse, chastising with hindsight — but perhaps now fans and media types can take a deep breath and stop talking about the Kings’ “record-setting’’ run, about championship parade routes and whose name will be on the Stanley Cup. The NHL didn’t change its postseason rules this week. It still takes four wins, not three, to win the Stanley Cup, and three wins don’t guarantee a fourth. Those who were printing invitations to the coronation over the past couple days must have quickly forgotten the first two games of this series, the games in which the New Jersey Devils played the Kings even for three periods each time, and were one decent break away from winning each game.

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I certainly wouldn’t lump ‘media’ and fans together in any kind of cart/horse analogy. Kings fans I know all knew a loss was possible but, at the same time, wanted to enjoy the incredible moment in history that last night offered.

I don’t blame any of you for thinking the Kings would do it in 4. They found a way to astonish us time and time again this postseason so there was no reason be believe they couldn’t do it again.

The moment proved too much for our boys but we fans had many years of built up anticipation heading into that game and you all deserved to believe it would culminate in a Cup victory here at home for the first time ever. In that regard, it was a fantastic event, but one that left us ultimately disappointed.

On the bright side, now Kings fans have three more chances to believe.

-Paul Armbruster

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  • Phil

    Hey Paul,

    Like your website very much. I don’t post much anywhere because I am tired of the childish attacking. I read LA Kings Insider all the time and come to appreciate a lot of the posters who are pretty knowledgeable and open minded, especially the long time fans such as myself since 1970. Hey, I even get a chuckle out of Surly and Scribe and some of the funny crap they say.

    You have to remember that Rich is not a fan and is strictly professional. He’s only reporting as a realist (like myself), not an optimist. With that said, I enjoy what he reports and this is only an observation made on his part. Listen, I ponied up 6k for last nights game so the wife and 2 kids could possibly experience the biggest moment in Kings history. However, they all left totally dejected. Myself, I was devastated inside. It would have been the fairytale ending to a first cup run. I have been used to 42 years of disappointment with this team. But make no mistake about it, I do believe they will get the job done. Just couldn’t imagine if they were to let this slip away. Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. Such is sports, and life for that matter.

    Take his comments with a grain of salt. As a fan, I don’t feel chastised one bit. What are we all suppose to do, say nothing and act like this isn’t happening? Enjoy the ride and expect anything.

    I like your posts here, and on Rich’s site. And you do a great job of bringing the fans together. I saw that you were suggesting TSC on Saturday. I normally go somewhere locally here in West Covina, but maybe I’ll make the trek there to meet you and some of the fans. Thanks again for your devoted work.

  • Tommy G

    I, on the other hand, do feel chastised. I don’t care whether Rich is Media, a fan, or nothing at all. These aren’t his words, but this is how it sounded to me, “Maybe the fans should shut up, and stop talking about how great their teams is”. Although it may have been worded different in his post.

    The Kings have not been shown to have “big heads” throughout this run, and I don’t see it happening now. As a team becomes more and more successful, more and more people will be talking about them. I’ve watched so many player interviews, and I have not seen a single things pointing toward the Kings being cocky or arrogant. They are focused and fans are excited. So “Perhaps” we should be able to voice our excitment and talk up our team on this historical playoff run. I havent been able to keep my mouth closed about them either.

    The Champagne went back in the chiller last night, but will be pulled out again on Saturday.

    • Phil

      Love the response and agree with a lot of your comments. But I don’t feel these are Rich’s own words. He is reporting what is “perceived” to be all the different topics of conversation, which are way too many with all the media coverage nowadays. That’s why I don’t feel the way some might. There didn’t seem to be many responses to Paul’s post at the time, so that’s why I believe most fans just “brushed off” the comment.

      But regardless, GKG.

  • jmsalsa

    i don’t know….kinda agree with Rich. I even said it before the game yesterday that I wished everyone (especially the media) would stop talking about the kings winning the cup before game 4 started. i watched WAY too many videos the past few days where reporters were asking “how’s it gonna feel when you win” type questions. kind of upset me.

    i’m not talking about “jinxing” or anything like that. it’s about placing unnecessary pressure on the boys. people probably won’t like me for saying this, but the “We Want the Cup” chants during the 2nd period of game 4, when the game was still 0-0, was a bit much. if we had gone up 1-0 at some point, that would have been a little more appropriate. anywho….that’s my rant. thanks for reading. =)