Nashville Blocks 24 Shots By Los Angeles As The Predators Stymie The Kings At Staples, Snatching Two Points From The Champs In A Mostly Monotonous Contest - Photo: Paul Armbruster

Nashville Blocks 24 Shots By Los Angeles As The Predators Stymie The Kings At Staples, Snatching Two Points From The Champs In A Mostly Monotonous Contest –
Photo: Paul Armbruster

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By Lisa Dillman • LA Times •

A compressed NHL schedule, with so much on the line, and so much at stake, was supposed to curtail those often monotonous early-season contests.

Drama between the Kings and Nashville was largely confined to overtime and an eight-round shootout on Thursday night, two rounds shy of a Kings franchise record. The Kings emerged with a point after the defensive standoff in regulation, losing, 2-1, at Staples Center.


Kings Coach Darryl Sutter addressed the issues that were a problem before the shootout.

“We’re still not getting that goal out of players we need to score,” he said. “It comes down to details.”


Long before the game turned into an abyss of scoring chances, there were moments of inspiration in the opening period. Nashville struck in the first minute, a wrist shot from forward Brandon Yip, who scored 58 seconds into the game with a quick-strike play following the draw in the right circle.

The Kings equalized on the power play — a four-on-three advantage — at 13:08, which was notable for several reasons. It was a power-play goal and was Brown’s first of the season.

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“They’re strong up the middle, they’ve got the veterans on the back end, they’ve got a good goalie. They don’t give much, and you have to try and counter that. And you have to bear down on your opportunities. The ones you get, you don’t get too many of against them.”

“It just comes down to details, right? You know what, they scored a faceoff goal. Other than that, they probably only had three or four opportunities to score. We probably had 10. It just comes down to we’re still not getting that goal…that we need to count on to score that goal.”



“That’s sometimes how it goes. I thought, like I said, we played a pretty good D-game. We had some good offensive chances. Probably not enough. But you get to a shootout, and it’s just that.”

 “I mean, every point’s important. You can look at it two ways. We got one point, and obviously you want to get that second one in a shootout, but I think if we limit our chances against, like we did tonight, it’s a good thing for us. We’ve just got to build on that and, again, find the dirty areas on the offensive side of the game.”

 “It’s a game we start preparing for tomorrow morning, and we haven’t played the Ducks. They got off to a pretty good start. We’ve got to be aware of their top couple of lines. Even their third line, I think, is playing really well for them right now. It’s no different for the team in here. It’s always taken us 20 guys to have a good game, and it’s going to be the same in Anaheim.”

 “Again, it’s whichever way you look at it. We get a lot of our road games out of the way. I think it’s more important for us as players, individually and as a group, to recognize the schedule and more importantly just take care of yourself off the ice, because with the travel and the schedule, that’s probably the most important thing – keeping up on your off-ice.”

 “Like I said, I’d take that game most nights. I mean, we limited them to less than 15 shots, I think. Not many grade-A scoring chances. We’re going to have to find a way to score goals right now. We played the first two periods entirely in their zone. Most of the time you’re going to take that. Obviously it’s a different outcome than you want.”

 “I don’t know if you can get much better than that. Like I said, I thought we played a lot of time in their zone, and that wore on them. Sometimes that’s how the game goes. You get to a shootout, and it’s a shootout.”



“Well, we’ve got to come to practice tomorrow and get on the ice and work on things that we weren’t good at here tonight and look at some video at what we weren’t good at here tonight and improve on it. That’s all you can do. You’ve got to put these behind you. You can’t dwell on them. Like you said, we play every second day and every third day, so you’ve got to make sure you don’t let games slip.”

“Just finishing, maybe getting into the scoring areas more. I think there was a lot of shots blocked. I think there was a lot of shots from the outside. We were OK at spurts, but we just didn’t generate enough and get into those hard areas and get enough traffic in front of Pekka over there. That’s why it was a 1-1 game for the longest time. But we’ve got to push through. These are games we need, especially at home, especially considering our schedule coming up.”


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  • MickSorley

    “We beat the Stanley Cup champions and all we got were these lousy bruised shins..”

    • Paul Armbruster

      And some broken toes. At the very least you want to make ’em pay for the two points. 🙂

  • KingsFanFTW

    This teams needs to play like they did against the Canucks and everything will be alright..But for some reason they play the way they did tonight and got a lost.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Credit to the Preds. Their Defense bent but didn’t break. The Kings had a number of good opportunities and easily could have won that game 1-0.

  • Mik3ysfv

    We are running out of games for this to be ok.
    Mike Richards needs to get on the puck, and be a threat to score, or we have the same problems we did 2 years ago…… no one to take pressure off of Kopitar.

    • Mik3ysfv

      @Paul Armbruster: Man, you run one hell of a great website.

      • Paul Armbruster

        Thank you!

  • trytodethroneus

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but other than the shootout win against van, the KINGS have not had a lead in the 3 games at home.
    Led in all 3 road games.
    The goal scored by Brown last night was similar to several of the goals scored against the KINGS so far this season. (strange bounces)

    They just need to stay in the hunt until Mitchell gets back to game shape.
    Finish 6th in the Conference and play the “winner” of the feared NW division)


    • Paul Armbruster

      Let it be heard! The winner of the Kingstrodamus contest predicts the west playoff seeding! I had no idea about home/road leads. Interesting. I guess going on the road will be a good thing for them, which seems to be the Kings MO now.

      • Robyn

        It certainly worked in their favor last summer when they played their absolute best on the road in the playoffs. Let’s hope they can regain some of that road magic and be the Champions we know they are.

  • i d k…

    we’ve seen this movie before…we’ve seen these guys fail to score more than 3 goals in a game for about a couple of months straight last season…so, i guess i’m not surprised by the lack of goals and the poor pp…

    davis payne likes using the 1-3-1…and he has implemented that formation in every game i’ve seen thus far…i think these guys look very confused out there, not sure where to go…or to shoot…or to pass…

    the best thing about the 1-3-1 is that it can make it hard for goalies to see the puck with all the traffic in the slot…but you have to shoot the puck…and so far, the kings have done everything but shoot the damn puck when aligned in it…if you don’t shoot enough when in the 1-3-1, you defeat the purpose of even using it because this type of pp relies heavily on being able to see the puck, being able to make a deflection and having enough people charge the net for any loose rebound(s)…

    the biggest problem about the 1-3-1 is that it could leave you susceptible to a 2-on-1 going the other way…doughty almost got burned against the canucks, when he flubbed the puck and almost led to a vancouver scoring opportunity…in this case, doughty was able to take two strides and recover, poke checking the puck away…however, the kings…and doughty…were somewhat lucky that nothing happened then…but unless you play with the confidence and tenacity of putting pucks on goal, the 1-3-1 is a tough way to make it rain on the pp…