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Penner at practice in El Segundo – Photo: SpatzShots

By Paul Armbruster • •

You can call it the dog house or as Helene Elliott of the LATimes put it, “the chateau de bow-wow,” but regardless (and as you undoubtedly know), Kings left winger Dustin Penner has not played in 4 straight games. That will change tomorrow night when the Kings face cross-town rivals the Anaheim Ducks. This from the Times…

Penner, no stranger to being benched in order to motivate him to more consistently use his hulking size and proven scoring ability, said he welcomed the chance to get back in the lineup and into Sutter’s good graces.

“Hopefully I can contribute the way the team needs me to and wants me to,” he said. “The same goes for myself.”


Penner said the crucial aspect of Saturday’s game for him will be to “keep the RPMs up,” a reference to his tendency to fade and get tired quickly. “Especially toward the end of shifts is when I can use my size to my advantage…. if the next guy is five inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter, the bigger guy is going to win.”

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The other side of this story not reported in the piece above is that Penner is replacing Kyle Clifford, who skated on the 4th line at today’s practice session in El Segundo. Clifford, who is off to a hot start with 5 points in 6 games, and leads the Kings in scoring, was a -1 last night against Nashville, recording only one shot.

Clifford’s drop coincides with fellow left winger Dwight King’s drop who also skated on the 4th line this morning, sharing duties with Kyle. King was usurped by Simon Gagne on the 3rd line during the past 2 games played on the 4th line with Fraser and Nolan. Gagne held that 3rd line spot in practice again today.

It appears then that the player who will replace Penner on the bench will be either Clifford or King, and with Clifford still playing particularly well, it seems clear to me that Dwight will sit out his first game of the season tomorrow night in Anaheim.




Brown (23)

Kopitar (11)

Williams (14)

Scuderi (7)

Doughty (8)

Penner (25)

Richards (10)

Carter (77)

Martinez (27)

Voynov (26)

Gagne (12)

Stoll (28)

Lewis (22)

Drewiske (44)

Muzzin (73)

Clifford (13)

Fraser (24)

Nolan (71)


King (74)

Richardson (15)

Bodnarchuck (47)


Quick (32)

Bernier (45)



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  • neil

    I wish the lines would stay the same…too much changing this season…Some players like Penner and Richards are going to need to play in games to get in better shape….

    • It’s probably due to no camp. I’m sure all of this would have been sorted out if things had started as usual this year.

      I think Richards is the one that should take a breather. He appears all out of me, it seems he is always tripping over himself or having a devil of a time controlling the puck. He doesn’t look good in my opinion.

      Carter can center a line between Penner and Clifford. Now that would be scary if those guys clicked as one.

      • Paul Armbruster

        Having Carter to put in at center is such luxury for the Kings. He could very well play there again at some point, particularly if injuries mount. Very deep team!

    • Paul Armbruster

      So are you saying keep the lines as they were the last game or put Penner in to get in “better shape?”

    • Robyn

      I’m curious how you think keeping the lines the same will help. It seemed to really wake them up in Phoenix when the lines were all out of sorts. Kopi said in an interview that it doesn’t really matter what the lines are since basically they all play the same way. Do you think it’s a chemistry thing?

  • I think Gagne sits and King plays in the 3rd line with Stoll / Lewis. Those 3 have not created much offense lately, but they’re a physical punishing line and play good defense all over the ice.

    • Robyn

      I’m not sure trading one for the other would make much difference since as you said, neither King nor Gagne have created much of any offense. I’ve been looking for King on the ice and he just looks… lost. Gagne also seems lost on the ice to me. Actually, half the team has looked a bit lost and confused over the past 6 games except Richards who has been on fire

      • I’m not sure what team you are watching. MR is a -5 with 2 assists in 6 games. For a 2nd line center in his prime on a Stanley Cup caliber team is pretty anemic. IMHO

        • Robyn

          You’re right, I meant Carter

        • Paul Armbruster

          I was wondering the same thing. But she caught it.

  • it’s gonna be interesting to see just what penner shows up tomorrow…i think richards and carter are finally starting to percolate, and if penner slows them down, he will be relegated to less than 10 minutes for the game…

    i still think this team has another 7-10 games to go before they hit their stride…

    as for penner,

    gosh…we have said so much about him during his stay here…and nobody seems to be able to figure this guy out…hmmm…kind of sounds familiar, huh…?

    frolov 2.0…(?)

  • Paul Armbruster

    Thank you all for your patience! Terrible server problems for about 9 hours.

  • Well, I just finished watching Groundhog Day,,, ON Groundhog Day. Let’s hope Penncakes and the Kings make tonight one to live over again and again.

    Go Kings

    • Attn. Kings—- Please disregard last transmission!

      Go Kings

      • Paul Armbruster

        That performance was much more like the movie version. Nightmare!