Local Media Miscues, Goofs and Gaffes Draw Fire…

A peculiar subplot to the LA Kings improbable run towards (hopefully) capturing their first Stanley Cup continues to unfold in the city of angels. While the team has all of LA abuzz with its on-ice performance, many continue to be annoyed and embarrassed by the off-ice performance of LA’s local TV stations. There have been multiple mistakes made including using wrong logos and butchering the names of players.

Here are a few examples:

Understandably, these errors have led to multiple opportunities by those closer to the team (and the Kings themselves) to poke fun and criticize LA’s larger media outlets. The following is a timeline of sorts. You can read fan reaction in the comments at the bottom of linked stories…

“The point isn’t to ridicule someone for making an error, because everyone makes errors, but…wow. The logo does say Sacramento, and it does include a basketball.” Reaction by team reporter Rich Hammond

–After NBC apologized came this from Yahoo Sports blogger Greg Wyshynski…

Followed by The Royal Half’s photoshop pictorial pounding

Then came the T-Shirts poking fun at the butchering of Drew Doughty’s name… “Brad Doty is my Homeboy”

–Even The Hockey News weighed in on the controversy… What We Learned: Embarrassing LA sports media moments while covering Kings playoff run

After that came the Official LA Kings lampoon known as the ‘Infographic’ that provides the most obvious LA Kings facts for those who may be confused…

And finally, not to be outdone, came Frozen Royalty’s in-depth column about the entire subject:

“The Los Angeles Kings are more popular than ever on local television news broadcasts, which should be music to the ears, and candy for the eyes, of long-suffering hockey fans in the area. But the local television news outlets are, evidently, horribly unprepared to cover the game. The result is unfathomable mistakes, resulting in shoddy reporting. Even worse, Los Angeles area hockey fans should not get their hopes up for much improvement down the road.”

Read more of Gann Matsuda’s column here: Don’t Expect Much Improvement In TV News Coverage Of Los Angeles Kings Over Long Term

I get the feeling this won’t be the end of the story…

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  • Real 7

    we, the few, the mighty, Kings fans, will have to educate the “news” people…..or copy readers [done badly in many cases]….

    George Washington led the few, the mighty to Independence in 1776….
    now is the time of the Hockey Information Revolution….

    I will field any questions.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Indeed! Let the revolution begin. It all starts with the Cup though. Gotta win it first.

  • jtnasty-dt

    They don’t screw up the lakers because they have several uhm-teen championships. Kings fans, as in life, you got to prove yourself to avoid these embarassing mistakes! GO KINGS GO!!!

    As for the Clippers logo? I don’t know why they haven’t butchered that one yet either? 🙂

  • Michael J.

    Call me a bitter old man, but I’d rather they all just stayed away. Like many others, I cannot fork over $300 for one ticket to the finals-I’d rather the bandwagon pass by without much notice.

  • KingsFanFTW

    wow we replace Baily with a retarded lion weird looking thing? Why NOOO BAILY!!!!!oh wait they got the wrong lion those idiots!!