Defenseman Alec “Martini” Martinez, Out Injured For 10 Days, Returned To The Ice After Practice Today At The Toyota Sports Center In El Segundo

Martini on ice, stretching at practice - Photo: SpatzShots

Martinez stretching at practice in El Segundo – Photo: SpatzShots

By Paul Armbruster • •


Today’s practice lasted well over an hour with the lineup shown below. Jersey colors are shown as well, making it easier to identify when watching practice video below. I try to identify players as much as possible with my commentary too. The videos show a fun ‘drive and shoot’ drill, the defense working on moving the puck and shooting, Kopitar and Fraser taking faceoffs along with an overview of other action and a great “shot” by Drewiske.

Injured defenseman Alec Martinez took to the ice post-practice for some hard skating, puck handling and light shooting (also see video below). The lack of hard slapshots indicates his “upper-body mystery” may be shoulder related but really who knows because no one is talking. If things progress on schedule, I imagine we’ll see Alec on the ice again soon taking hard shots, then taking contact in practice. I will speculate that he won’t see game action before next Wednesday against the Red Wings at the earliest but more realistically a week from tomorrow against the Canucks in Vancouver.

Update: Jon Rosen reported Martinez has been skating ‘all week’ at TSC. Considering how light his shooting was today, I can’t say that’s a good sign. Perhaps he shot more yesterday and took a break today. Or maybe he’s just not quite ready to hit it hard.





New photos on the wall at TSC 1 of 3 – Photo: Paul Armbruster


“Kings Admiring Kings” New photos on the wall at TSC 2 of 3 –
Photo: Paul Armbruster


New photos on the wall at TSC 3 of 3 – Photo: Paul Armbruster


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  • Forum Gold

    Great video’s and photos Paul. The photos of players in Forum Blue and Gold look like, Goring, Vachon, Murphy, Berry, Dionne, Simmer, Taylor, ?, Fox, ?, ?, Nichols and Luc.

  • Kingsfanone

    Great video and commentary, as usual, Paul! I love the pic of the players looking up at the Cup group picture. Great timing there!