Roberto Luongo & Jonathan Quick

This Is The First Meeting Between The Kings And Canucks Since The First Round Of The Playoffs When 8th Seed Los Angeles Eliminated #1 Seed Vancouver Convincingly Four Games To One – Photo: IKIRI


Who: Vancouver Canucks (2-2-1) vs. LA Kings (1-2-1)
When: 7:30pm Pacific
Where: Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA
TV: Fox Sports West (pregame @7)
Radio: 1150AM





Brown (23)

Kopitar (11)

Williams (14)

Scuderi (7)

Doughty (8)

Clifford (13)

Richards (10)

Carter (77)

Martinez (27)

Voynov (26)

King (74)

Stoll (28)

Lewis (22)

Drewiske (44)

Muzzin (73)

Gagne (12)

Fraser (24)

Nolan (71)


Penner (25)

Richardson (15)

Bodnarchuck (47)


Quick (32)

Bernier (45)






Darryl Sutter

On tonight’s game against Vancouver: “We haven’t played them yet. It’s tough to talk about a rivalry when you haven’t played a team yet.”

On which teams motivate him most: “Chicago, Colorado, Edmonton, Phoenix, and now Vancouver. Pretty much in that order.”

On the heavy schedule: “You are already in almost like a playoff practice/game mode already, just because of the time that you have. You try to get your players all the re-charge you can, while at the same time keeping them mentally right there.”

On Mitchell: “If he is on injured reserve,” Sutter said, “then he is a non-active player. Once he is off that, then you talk about him. Until then, they’re injured. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a psychologist, not a therapist.”

On Richards: “It’s been an adjustment for some of our guys, in terms of getting up to pace. (Richards) is one of those guys that has to get up to pace.”

On Brown: “Brownie has gotten a little bit better every game. Brownie is a power game. He goes up and down, a power game. Strong on the walls, goes to the net. If he’s not doing that, you guys can see it better than I can. That’s his game.”

On Drewiske: “I think what we want him to do is take up Matt Greene’s minutes in positive way, with quality minutes. Greener gave us penalty killing minutes, and a solid 5-on-5; first minute, last minute. Situations like that. In the three games that (Drewiske) has played, he has done a good job.”

On Clifford: “When he left last spring, he was so happy that we won it, but so disappointed that he didn’t get to play after he got hurt in the Vancouver series. That was his whole purpose when he left; he wanted to put himself in a position to play regular. He did that.”

On Gagne’s 4th line role: “He better get used to it. In this schedule, it’s not what you did, or what you are going to do. It’s what you are doing. That’s a fact.”

Drew Doughty

“Waking up this morning knowing we’re playing Van, everyone is so pumped to get out there and get after them. It’s going to be a physical matchup, which everyone loves. At the same time, you’re getting banged and giving it back. There’s nothing more rewarding than beating a team that’s won the Conference the last couple of years in a row. So we’re really looking forward to hopefully do that tonight. A big win tonight against a big team like them would definitely give us a confidence boost. Then, hopefully we can string a few wins together. We have played them a few times in the playoffs in the last four years. They are definitely a team that we are excited to play. They are a good team, so you kind of learn to hate them. Tonight is going to be a battle and we look forward to it.”

Kyle Clifford

On playing in Ontario: “From a conditioning standpoint, down there they only have three lines so you are on pretty much every other shift. As far as conditioning, that was a good kick start.”

On playing on the 2nd line: “It’s fortunate to play with the two guys I am with now, but all my linemates have helped me. I just go to the net. How many players get rewarded by going to the net? I think that’s the mentality for every player on our team. Just go to the net hard.”

Simon Gagne

On playing 4th line minutes: “It’s not easy. But, at the same time I understand the process of what’s going on here. I was not here (much) of last year, not a big part of the season – especially in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I was just in the last couple of games. So, I understand Darryl wants to keep the lines as they were last year and stuff like that – same lines and same power plays too. I have to be patient on that and the only thing I can do is go out there and play hard. And using my minutes they give me to get back in and prove what I can do again. So, it’s not an easy situation. But, at the same time, I just want to play and go out there and do my best.”

On playing Vancouver: “It’s a little different in my case. I think it’s a little different if you play in the West. I played in the East most of my time, and was maybe facing that team once a year. So, it’s hard to create that level of hating a team. For this team, almost all of our guys have been in the West and played the Canucks (many times). In my case, with last year being my first year here, you start learning the type of game (the Canucks) want to play and it’s the type of game that will get on your nerves a little bit. I’m sure the more and more I play against them, my level will get closer to what Dewey’s talking about.”

Jake Muzzin

On his 1st NHL goal: “It’s a big goal for me. I am happy and excited about it, but I am not really big on holding the puck high, or anything like that. I will probably give to my parents and let them put it somewhere safe in the house.”

On his second stint in the NHL: “I feel a lot more confident this time. I’m a lot more calm on the ice. I’m a lot more experienced after being a pro the last couple of years, compared to coming in right after juniors. I’m more excited to be here and more confident.”

On tonight’s game: “We have been talking about building every game. We had a couple of close losses that we could have easily won. We want to build on the positives in each game and get better each game. Hopefully, tonight we can continue.”

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Listen to the Mayor John Hoven and former King Ray Ferraro talk about the matchup.

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  • KingsFanFTW

    y u have a picture of 2010 when you can have a picture of us kicking them out in 2012!!

    Lets kick their ass again!Hopefully LOL

    • Paul Armbruster

      I wish I had one! None that I can post with permission unfortunately.

      • KingsFanFTW

        lol They just jealous!

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      • Would that be a “rally monkey” dance Paul?

        Go Kings

  • Actually, I’m figuring there won’t be any need for a rally tonight. The boys seemed to regain some of their identity on Sat. and I’m hoping they can build on it tonight! Physical domination is how we rolled throughout the playoffs, and no reason to wait til then, start it now.

    Go Kings

    • Paul Armbruster

      Especially with Brown’s relatively quiet start. Quick should be his usual self but if Brown gets going, we’re in for a treat of a game I think. Otherwise, I’ll have to breakout the rally monkey tango and no one wants that.

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