View of Kings Cup Banner from Staples Center Rafters – Photo: LA Kings

Opening Day Proved Too Much For The Kings Who Couldn’t Capitalize On The Excitement Generated From Pregame Festivities

By Paul Armbruster |

It was bound to happen. After months of anticipation and buildup of the first ever banner-raising at Staples Center, the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings came out flat against a sharp and focused Chicago Blackhawks. Goals from top players Kane, Hossa (2), Frolik and Captain Toews, gave the Hawks a convincing 5-2 win. The Kings goals came from two unlikely sources, Rob Scuderi and Jordan Nolan. It was the play of Kyle Clifford, though, that stood out most. He led the team in hits (7) and points (2 assists).

However, Kings Captain Dustin Brown refused to blame the pregame ceremony for the Kings loss saying, “People will try to blame the pregame ceremony on why we lost. But they played a better game. They outworked us.” He did admit his timing with center Mike Richards was off but that he thought they played well together overall.

Defenseman Rob Scuderi was a little more critical of his team’s effort, “Chicago made short, simple plays. We tried making long plays you shouldn’t even try in the middle of the season. We gave two points away to the pack. Those will be tough to get back in a 48 game season.”

Jonathan Quick, who gave up 5 goals, said he felt like the saw the puck “just fine” throughout the game. Coach Darryl Sutter disagreed saying, (Quick) “Didn’t have a good game,” but added, “don’t get too philosophical.” Sutter did praise the play of Drew Doughty, Rob Scuderi and the 4th line (Clifford/Fraser/Nolan) but when asked what the team needed to work on prior to their game against Colorado on Tuesday he said, “Probably everything.” However, he can’t think his team’s effort was that bad as the Kings are NOT scheduled to practice tomorrow.

Stick tap to John Hoven from for providing postgame quotes.





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  • KingsFanFTW

    all i know that was not are real team..

  • jess

    Flat is the perfect term. Looks like the Kings have a combination of hangover, rust and unfamiliararity with new lines. Surely things will have to tighten up and fast.

    Colorado has a lot of spunk so they better get it together for Tuesday. Nice to see Cliffy back. He looked solid. And yes, the banner ceremony music would deflate the mood of any major event.

    Thanks for the updates Paul.

  • Kingstane9

    Well DS I did identify one thing; taking penalties, esp early in the game.

  • Mars

    Flat put it best.
    I am not worried. Sure dont blame the pregame show, but it was a busy day before a noon start.

    I think a setback is needed before going for broke. Had they come out and trampled the hawks, they might have a big head, getting a dose of reality is not a bad thing.

    I just hope the trend doesn’t continue of course….
    But for those freaking out and thinking this is the Kings we have had for the past 45 years (35 in my case) chill, we have the tools, we have the talent, no need to fret.