Kings, Ducks “eager” to play outdoor game at Dodger stadium

Interesting promotional strategy leading up to the much hyped January 25th outdoor game. A lot of ads disguised as reporting. First came word tickets will go on sale November 19th. Then yesterday KingsVision posted this video of… Corey Perry? The Ducks? On KINGSVision Really?!?!

Then came these two articles from

Kings, Ducks eager for iconic Dodger Stadium stage

Kings’ Richards eager to try warm-weather hockey

Note the word ‘eager’ in both stories.

Then again this afternoon another reminder of tickets going on sale:

Dodger Stadium tickets on sale Tuesday

However, I’m not so sure the players are as eager as the NHL is in promoting the game.

Here’s the Kings/Ducks Vision video of Corey Perry if you can stomach it…

He sounds as eager as someone about to be deposed.

And we can’t forget last week when asked about the game, Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin candidly replied, “I haven’t even thought about it. I don’t even know when it is,”  then quickly added, “but it will be awesome.”

I hear ya Jake! It’s still 2 1/2 months away. Admittedly though, I do think it will be truly awesome and I doubt much promotion will be needed to sell a whole lot of tickets for such a special event. Go Dodgers! Um, I mean Kings!

Update: is relentless. Here’s yet another piece posted on 11/16. This time, the headline keyword is “intrigued.”

Kings’ Regehr intrigued to play in Stadium Series

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  • shiny

    Yeah, Dustin Brown had an interview about it on NHLN and he looked… disinterested. Naturally, his primary concern was about ice conditions. There’s so much hockey left to play before this game is supposed to take place. It’s mid-way through November and this thing is being hyped to death. The players are thinking more of their next game than something that’s 2 months away

    • Yep. Same thing last night with the NHL arena cam interview with Doughty. The host snuck in an outdoor game question at the end. Pretty standard NHL promotion albeit a little more aggressive via the reporting angle than I usually see.

  • jess

    I can’t wait to see this event….
    -On TV

  • Neil

    I thought that the Dodgers were putting on World Series Tickets for sale !!!