Bob Miller – Photo: Jon Bradley

While Kings Fans Await An Eventual Dvd Featuring Bob Miller’s Game 6 Play-By-Play, Those At The Rally Were Treated To The Last Minute And A Half Of His Recorded Call. Watch Below…

“This is for you Kings fans wherever you may be. All the frustration and disappointment of the past is gone. The 45 year drought is over. The Los Angeles Kings, are indeed, the Kings of the National Hockey League. They are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions!”

– Bob Miller

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  • awesome…:))))

  • i’ve got chills…they’re multiplying…

    • Paul Armbruster

      Cup Lightning!

  • kingsfan9966

    Wow, nice job capturing Bob calling the final minutes. I cant say enough about Bob, Jim, Nick and Darryl. Been a fan forever. Love the organization. Best -loyal-fans on the planet.
    This team was …awesome. The paly-off run was awesome. Unbelievable.
    Thanks to Rich Hammond and Jim Fox and company for the interactive chat during the games. Definatley made a huge difference for thse of us who are stuck in far-away (not so) exotic locales….made the play-offs much more exciting and made me feel like I was home.
    Watching that video just now brought all of the emotion back….!!!! Unbeleivable feeling.
    Thanks everyone.

  • david

    Truly awesome…Anyone know if/when the full game 6, with Bob and Foxie’s call, will be made available?

    • Jon Gillette (@LAKingsJon)

      I would imagine it will be a part of the Tribute DVD – probably to be released sometime in July. Not sure if they have to get NHL permission because of the NHL/NBC contract but it would be tragic if this wasn’t a part of the DVD that I’m sure to watch over and over again.

  • Michael J.

    Really cool Paul 🙂

  • KC

    During the rally when they played Bob’s call it wasn’t quite the same without the crowd noise- is there a way for that to be added? I have not heard Nick Nixon’s call of the game, but would love to hear it. Obviously being at the game was monumental, and knowing it was on TV, and wondering how it sounded I can’t wait to hear Bob’s version. I thought Emrick did a pretty good job and having watched the replay 1/2 dozen times already it will never get old.
    All my gear is on order, special shrine set up, the whole 9 yards.