Where have you been?

In short, working on a TV show to make ends meet and save money to fund this project. That said, I was happy to take some time away from the site and hockey to reassess my plans. I’m still working full-time but I am back to running the new version of Kings Fan Daily. A huge thank you to all of you who have continued to support me. It means more than you know.

What happened to Kings News Daily?

This is the 3rd version of the website. After careful consideration in an effort to help steam-line my workload, as well as put to rest concerns about sourcing material, I decided to change the layout of the website, as well as rebrand it with a greater focus on the fan. Rather than repurpose stories with photos, often adding my own commentary,  I now mostly provide direct links to stories via a newly written headline. My hope is this version does exactly what I always envisioned, which is to be a hub where Kings fans can come knowing they will discover a wide variety of stories related to Kings hockey they might not otherwise see. Of course, it’s also meant to provide exposure to local websites, writers and bloggers as well as cover all the daily happenings on the team. The bottom line is this version allows me to provide far more information in a much more timely manner. I hope you are enjoying it.  It would be great to once again provide more photos, video and original commentary but that will require more people running the site than just myself. There simply is not enough time in the day.

How do you make money?

I don’t. While I would love to make a living doing this, as of the 2013-14 season, I have spent thousands of dollars (not to mention countless hours of my time over the past 3 years) developing and maintaining the site. I implemented advertising last season, which brought in very little revenue. I recently implemented a donation option in an effort to raise funds to help maintain the cost of the site and expand it. Once the concept of this site becomes supported by a large financial entity, such as the NHL, it will become mainstream. At that point, I suspect website traffic will be more than enough to generate sufficient ad revenue. Until then, it is through kind donations from readers like you who will keep this dream alive.

Are you associated with the LA Kings?

No. The main goal is to have a site just like this for each team in the NHL. I hope to partner with any entity willing to invest, whether it be the NHL or the Kings, any other NHL team or even, and perhaps especially, with an independent company.

What’s with your headlines? They’re different than the actual story.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a publisher is creative control over what stories are presented to the fan. Rewriting headlines is one aspect of this. That is why I chose to put “Kings Fan Headline” at the top of the news section on the front page to indicate that each headline is rewritten based on what I believe is the most entertaining and informative aspect of the story. However, if a headline begins with “OG” it’s the original and was too good to rewrite.

Do you link to other websites?

Yes. Many links will take you to other sites, while others stay here at Kings Fan Daily. Older links in the archive may open a new tab or browser window but that practice is now being phased out completely. All new stories, menu links and any other main page links should not open a new tab. Kings Fan Daily aims to provide visitors with a pleasant, easy browsing experience. All interactions, including visiting outside websites, are designed to be effortless and safe as they are all tested. If you have basic pop-up blockers and security on your computer, all links outbound should be safe. If you have any problems visiting, browsing and/or using Kings Fan Daily, I want to know about it. Please report all errors or concerns here.

Do you have a mobile app?

No, not yet. I am working to make KFD mobile friendly but because of the complexity of the site, it will require an extensive effort. I plan to take on this project in the summer of 2014. In the meantime, I will continue to tweak the layout to be more mobile friendly.

Do you publish trade rumors?

No. While there is clearly a market for such websites, Kings Fan Daily only publishes stories from legitimate news sources and opinion stories. Some opinions may discuss trade scenarios, as well as other player personnel changes, but they are not intended to stoke unsubstantiated rumors.

Why can’t I view video on my mobile device?

Flash files, other than youtube video, will not display on many IOS devices such as iPhones or iPads. Links to the original video are provided and may offer a playable version of the media in question.

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