Kings News Daily’s New Blogger Jon Gillette Jumps In And Offers Some Perspective On The Kings Slow Start To The Season

Banner Raising - Opening night at Staples Center Photo: Mark Mauno

Banner Raising – Opening night at Staples Center Photo: Mark Mauno

By Jon Gillette • •

If there’s one thing Los Angeles Kings fans don’t need to do… it’s panic. For the first time ever, The Cup belongs to the Kings. With that, watching a mediocre regular season should become just a bit more tolerable. After all, it’s typical of the Kings to come up short of the goal for the season (as 29 NHL Clubs do every year).

Coming off the exception year, a year in which the magic finally happened, everyone should be that much more at ease. In other words, it’s better to have one Cup than none. Let’s also remember what the regular season was like for the Kings last year. It was a season in which fans were at the end of their rope. Yet somehow Dean Lombardi was able to put the necessary pieces in place to get the team the hardware that they and their fans had been craving for 45 years. Why would it be any easier this year with every team, every night, bringing their A-Game for the Defending Stanley Cup Champions?

Do what you need to do, as a Kings fan, to prepare yourself for some more hard fought wins and more hard fought losses. History has taught us that repeating is improbable and next to impossible.

As for the Jonathan Quick vs. Jonathan Bernier argument; let’s hear what you have to say. In my opinion, it’s difficult to debate against the reigning Conn Smythe winner. However, if you have a reasonable and educated opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Author note: A huge thank you to Paul Armbruster for inviting me to write on Kings News Daily. It’s an opportunity that I don’t take lightly and I can’t offer enough gratitude to him for providing me a new home. I’m looking forward to the many articles and discussions to come.

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  • KingsFanFTW

    Trade Bernier and Quick for bag of pucks Trade everyone and fire everyone!They get replace by us Fans! Everyone agree with that?

    • Is this a serious response? We’d get killed out there!

      • KingsFanFTW

        LOL yea we would get killed,But we do it for the love of the game LOL.

    • Paul Armbruster

      No panic there buddy! LOL. What position are you going to play? 😉

      • KingsFanFTW

        LOL i be coach while watching you guys get killed seems fair ?? LOL jk

  • Robyn

    A lot of fans have indicated that Bernier could be a good #1 if he was played often enough. On the one hand, he has a very calm demeanor but on the other hand, it appears that Quick really is just that much better. This year Quick is clearly not having a Vezina year and Bernier appears very good in his relief (granted, Bernier had a lot of support on the back end and has only had 2 good games while the D pretty much left Quick with no help, so I guess it’s an unfair comparison.)

    Quick is clearly #1, but I think Bernier has the capabilities to be #1 as well.

    As far as this season goes, they’ll both need to perform at their best.

    Do you think Bernie should be traded, Jon?

    • Great and logical points. Something I don’t see very often in the Quick vs. Bernier debate. Personally, I think it’s still too early to trade Bernier. I don’t think the Kings would get fair value for him at this point. He will, eventually, be a starter for an NHL club though. Let’s see what happens as we get closer to the deadline. Dean has proven to get the most out of trades and I expect the same in this situation. There’s a huge decision on the horizon and I’m glad I don’t have to make it.

      • Robyn

        So to that point in general, clearly our AHL goalies aren’t ready and there’s no point in trading Bernie this season because the heavy workload demands to be divided. Does the team want two pretty great #1’s or a really good (but still not as good as #1) #2 and an excellent #1? I can’t decide and I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.

    • Al Salt

      Robyn, you have it nailed. That is what I’ve been seeing also.

  • Congratulations Jon, looking forward to your stuff. Maybe a bit of a bio?

    • Thanks! Will update bio info shortly.

    • Updated my bio to give everyone some background. Thanks for pointing that out! Still settling in and trying to get everything sorted.

  • Robyn

    Oh and I forgot to say this earlier, but welcome Jon. You’re posting for some intriguing fans…

    • Thanks Robyn! Yes, intriguing is the perfect word. I love how Paul has brought this all together. A Kings hub, if you will. Cheers

  • Sorry, I don’t see a place where you can view my bio. I’ll paste what I wrote below:

    I’ve been a Kings fan since pops started taking me and my brother to the smoke filled forum back in the 70’s. I grew up in Anaheim and currently live in San Diego. My wife is a Chief in the US Navy(21 years active duty) and we have 3 children(4, 10 and 19 – each a Kings fan). I’m a software developer and am fortunate to be in the position to work from home. I formerly wrote for and and I’m looking forward to getting back into in, stirring things up a little to keep you on your toes and having some great discussions.

    • Glad you escaped from behind the Orange Curtain… It sounds curt maybe, but sincere thanks to your wife for her service to the country.

      My first suggestion is a poll on whether fans like polls or not.

      • Paul Armbruster

        You are obsessed with poles, er, I mean polls.

      • Thanks! Honestly, I’m glad to be out of Anaheim. Every time I get near the county line, there’s a feeling of impending suck. OC has some sort of crappy vortex and, if you don’t cross through the county fast enough, you get crappy vortex stuff all over you. Best I could do to explain my feelings on OC.

        NO POLLS!

        • Ya know why L.A. is windy? Cuz Anaheim sucks.

          • Paul Armbruster

            Boy is Anaheim sucking tonight!

  • JON…:…

    welcome aboard…(!)

    nice take on the state of the team…;)

  • Gustavo


    What’s your take on Dustin’s Brown slow hitting start this season? I know the stats show he did the same in previous season, but isn’t it reasonable to expect better from him? The entire hockey world knows the whole team does better when Captain Crunch is out there focused on hitting people carrying the puck. It disrupts the opponents momentum, focus, creates opportunities for out fast skaters to attack and intimidates like nothing else.

    This players are not robots, they’re perfectly aware of what it took out of each of them to achieve what they did to bring them that June 11, 2012 celebration. Why can’t they individually bring themselves to perform again?

    • Dustin seems to be sleepwalking at times – as does the rest of the team for that matter. What lit the fire in him last year? Yep, trade speculation. I think it’s high time to get some of that out there and get that old fire lit! Maybe the Insiderrrrr or Eklund have some of that trustworthy speculation to get things kicked off for us…