Doubts creep in as “Kings East” starts to fade

By Paul Armbruster • •

Often called “Flyers West” the LA Kings unofficially flipped that moniker on its head this past year when they won the Cup, earning respect league wide. A regular trading partner, the Philadelphia Flyers (now affectionally known as Kings East by Kings fans) may start to scramble a bit heading into next week’s trade deadline.

Today’s news that Flyers forward Danny Briere is out indefinitely because of a concussion sustained by hitting the boards in practice only adds to the team’s woes. They are currently sitting in 13th position, 5 points behind the 8th place Rangers, with 17 games remaining. They face the Rangers tomorrow in a pivotal matchup.

About the matchup, Flyers Inside reporter Anthony SanFilippo says, “Lose in regulation, and the Flyers would be seven points back with 16 to go, which isn’t mathematically impossible, but is certainly mathematical improbable.”

Here are Kings alumni Simon Gagne’s thoughts on the playoff race:

And here is a funny moment last night when Brayden Schenn’s brother Luke found his way into the space occupied by NBC’s Pierre McGuire.

Each club currently has 3 former players on their rosters:
Kings (Carter, Richards, Williams)
Flyers (Gagne, Simmonds, Schenn).

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  • Robyn

    Hopefully the Flyers make it. The 4th rounder becomes 3rd if they do. Plus, I’d love to see Flyers upset the entire Eastern Conference (unlikely given that Bryzgalov is their goalie) for a SCF faceoff vs the Kings. That would be an epic show down to say the least

    • Kingsfanone

      I’d like to see them make the playoffs too, for why you say.

      It would be a interesting series with them.

  • Kingsfanone

    I don’t know why they’re sliding, but I’d guess it’s cuz their goalie doesn’t give them a consistent chance to win. He’s quite the flake too!

    • Paul Armbruster

      Injuries are a huge factor for them.