Where’s Scrivens? Sutter’s handling of goalies has fans guessing

For a guy who’s at or near the top of every goalie stat in the NHL, the Kings current “#1 goaltender” Ben Scrivens is all of the sudden having trouble getting playing time. Scrivens, who earned the backup position in LA, was thrust into the limelight when the Kings franchise goalie, Jonathan Quick, went down […] Read more

Audio Interviews with Scrivens, Doughty, Sutter and Ranford…

Context is everything, they say. And that’s what you get when you visit Gann Matsuda’s Frozen Royalty. That’s because he often posts raw audio interviews with players and coaches. Most of the time those interviews are posted the day after and placed at the very bottom of his post, such as the case in the […] Read more

Tempers, Whiners and Wailers: Who’s the West’s biggest baby?

By Paul Armbruster • KingsNewsDaily.com • There was a fun piece today from PuckDaddy pointing out the hypocrisy of Drew Doughty saying the Coyotes are particularly whiney when they play the Kings. Doughty though must be given credit for saying the same truth PuckDaddy did. All teams whine. But Drew was insistent that the “Cryotes” are […] Read more