Bernier won’t be ‘going hollywood’ this time around…

Jonathan Bernier

Bernier’s new mask won’t include Hollywood sign – Photo: Jon Bradley

By Paul Armbruster • •

With Kings backup netminder Jonathan Berneir’s new goalie mask on full display in relief of Quick  against the Ducks on Saturday, many were scratching their proverbial heads as to why it was so plain (see above). Bernier revealed to that he has been working with the manufacturer on a new style and that the artwork is still  in progress.

When finished, however, it won’t include the famous Hollywood sign his masks have donned in the past. After last year’s silly complaint by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Kings asked Bernier if he wouldn’t mind excluding it from his latest head protection. Apparently he was on the same page as the club, “I just didn’t want to go that route again,” said Bernier.

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  • ‘The artwork is still in progress’….

    …and it will be finished when his trade is complete.

    If he keeps playing like he did in Anaheim, we won’t get much for him.

    • Paul Armbruster

      Birthday boy with the Bernier blast! Nice.

    • Michael J.

      Ha! You beat me to the punch (line).