Ben Scrivens unusual path from the Ivy League to NHL star…

It’s an interesting story indeed. How an overlooked, young goalie from Canada made his way to an Ivy League college in America, then onto an original six team back up in Canada.

Through it all, Scrivens told “white lies” to his parents, skirted responsibility, and felt like he “scammed the system,” and yet here he is… a man with a Cornell University degree and currently a starting goaltender in the NHL.

While this tale may seem a bit nefarious, the story below at LA Kings Insider is told in a very lighthearted way. Reading between the lines, however, it certainly does appear that there are many more details about Ben Scrivens journey that have yet to be told.

Stay tuned?

LA Kings Insider How Ben Scrivens “scammed the system”

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