Kings come out firing on all cylinders and take it to the Avs 4-1 in an rare inspired afternoon game.

Photo: IKIRI

Lewis in classic forum blue and gold – Photo: IKIRI

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By Elliott Teaford • InsideTheKings •

The Kings scored first for the third consecutive game, extended their lead for a third contest in a row and played with a sense of purpose that eluded them during the opening games of their Stanley Cup championship defense.

Their victory over the Avalanche also was their fifth in six games, with their only loss a 3-2 decision to the NHL-leading Chicago Blackhawks last Sunday. They came out flat and trailed the Blackhawks by three goals early in the second period. The full recap here…



Darryl Sutter
“I think the competition between our goaltenders the last seven games has been significant to our team’s success. I think both guys are playing really well, and we want them both to play really well to give us a chance to be a playoff team.” More here…

Jeff Carter
“He’s (Lewis) been working real hard for us. Even when he wasn’t scoring, he was getting opportunities and creating chances. When you’re doing that, it’s just a matter of time before the puck’s going to go in the net.” More here…

Jonathan Quick
“Yeah, obviously when you win games, the confidence goes up as a team. You start playing instead of over-thinking things, you’re just doing it more naturally. And I think guys have been doing that. It’s always good to get rewarded with a few wins when you’re doing it well.” More here…

Jarret Stoll
“Confidence is a funny thing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of team you have, whether you’ve won or lost. Sometimes you’ve got an eight or nine-game winning streak and you lose one, and all of a sudden your confidence dips pretty much a lot. It’s one of those things that’s funny. You’ve got to just work hard to keep it. Once you have it you’ve just got to roll with it and try to play well with it and get as many wins as you can.” More here…


The Denver Post
Pretty much whatever the Los Angeles Kings wanted to do Saturday, the Avalanche was a willing conduit. Want to stroll all the way behind the net and flip a backhand saucer pass to a player, as Dustin Penner did with Anze Kopitar in on a second-period goal? The Avs seemed to have no problem with that.

Associated Press via CBS
The Kings began a 16-game stretch in which they will play 13 times at home. They played eight of their previous nine on the road, going 5-4. “We’ve got a lot of home games coming up, so we’ve got to try and bank these points and win games,” Stoll said. “Everybody on the team has their roles, and there are certain guys on the team that need goals and points to get their confidence going.”









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  • Forum Gold

    The original CROWN shined brightly today. GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Paul Armbruster

      “Oh, I love ‘em. I think that’s fun…the best part, hey, it was fun walking into the locker room before the game, seeing ‘em hanging there. Even practicing with ‘em the last week. They’re cool. I love those jerseys.”

      Darryl Sutter, Paul Armbruster and Forum Gold 😉

  • craigschrader

    best game i’ve seen them play this year…the detroit game is a close second – even though we lost that one…

    • Paul Armbruster

      I thought the St. Louis game was a big one.

  • trytodethroneus

    With the veteran d-men out, the forwards have to continue to be relentless in both ends of the ice, to take the pressure off the inexperience on the backend. With the exception of Scuderi, each d-man had at least one turnover that even Betty Crocker
    herself would have said “what the !#@^*&%#@! was that.”

    The avalanche will beat the dux tomorrow because they will have escaped the shacklles the KINGS had them for mostly all of the game (so sayeth Kingstradamus)

    • Paul Armbruster

      Kingstradamus has spoken! And so it is. Yes good point on the D adjustments. It’s clear they are settling in to life without Mitchell and Greene. If they keep improving and they should be ok.

  • SLIM

    Not only did we win handily today..
    We played an exciting brand of hockey….
    Gotta keep this style of play up to beat the Schmucks…

  • Mik3ysfv

    Darryl Sutter was on fire today. Almost all of his quotes were hilarious. The 9th line, it’s good to see your dad get honored instead of him talking about superstars, no I talked about him today who is our next Legend? Someone who is computer savvy needs to make a loop of his greatest comments.
    The Kings need to ditch the homeplate and keep the forum blue. The change needs to be in the forum gold roadies. Make ’em white jerseys with forum blue and gold trim, minimal trim, and forum blue pants.

  • Mik3ysfv

    Jake Muzzin makes far more good plays than he does bad plays. Trendy to pick on him. By the end of the year he will no longer be a rookie and most of his bad habits will be gone. He will be a solid player for years to come. Cut the kid some slack.

  • Mik3ysfv

    Paul, I know you’re on board with uniforms. What do you think about switching out the road gold for road white with forum blue and gold trim, very minimal, and forum blue pants? Those would be the most awesome and original uniforms in the freaking League. They just pop out so nicely on HD. Work with me here.

    • Paul Armbruster

      I’d love to see them come back in one form or another. Road whites might look great. I’d have to see them but the reality is I don’t think it will happen anytime soon as I’m sure you know.

  • Mik3ysfv

    Take a picture of Lewis above on the top of the page. Picture the jersey white, the crown the same, And where there is yellow trim divided up between half gold half form blue. Keep it minimal and keep it neat

  • Mik3ysfv

    *divide it* trim half forum blue half forum gold. White jersey, crown the same, same exact area for trim except dvided forum blue/gold on a white road jersey with forum blue trousers. Forum blue/gold (and white?) socks. I am no good at Photoshopping, maybe someone can photoshop this look. This way, the team can still sell their old forum gold road jerseys, and have a totally new jersey to sell, leaving the market open for a completely alternative 3rd Jersey. Sorry to keep reposting, I cannot stand typos.